The Chef Drew


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my page. From the small town of Dauphin to the small screen, my journey has just begun. For all that have come here following on my journey in Hell’s Kitchen, welcome. For everyone else, welcome as well!
I lived out a dream, working alongside Chef Gordon Ramsay and many others, and have decided to share that dream with all of you. Stay tuned- cook books, belts, celebrity collaborations and a few other shows are in the works. Don’t miss out! 

Drew Tingley

Hailing all the way from Pennsylvania’s capitol, I’m here to bring you a taste of something new. Fifteen years of experience in the culinary world training with top chefs and many awards later, I’m here to offer you a professional experience in any way I can. Catering, consulting and private chef services available, so lets chat!

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